my name is Dayo Oyedeji. I am words, I am writing, that is who I am. I have always been a writer, I am always writing since I could remember. It is one constant thing that have always stuck with me and have not out grown.  That is my gift to the world and myself.

I am just a simple woman looking to make it into my best self, to transform to my best potential and conquer the world with my words. This is how I am doing that. I have been on a journey my whole life, looking and questioning things for answers to have contentment in myself.

That is why I bring to you beautiful souls my journey to my self-obsessed, self-improvement, self-development, self-knowledge, self-appreciation and self-discovery.



The name of the blog Dayooyedeji is my label and identity to the world. I am using my name because I am taking you on a journey of my life by hoping it would help and inspire you to get up and take that step to better your life and decide that it is time for you to achieve your dreams and aspirations like I am doing. I have been on this journey for the past 10 years of my life and it is now that I know I am just making head way(don’t get me wrong, that  10 years is a long time, no I started or wanted to know my true-self and potential since I was 14 years and at 23 is when I can say I am making head way in my discovery.

This blog is to help young people discover or want to discover truth and happiness in themselves by looking into themselves for the answer because we are the answer to our own problems and questions.


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