Future et past

If I was 30 years old at this very moment and my past saw my future self, Will my past be proud of my future? Will I have achieved all what I planned for myself, would my past be disappointed with my future for not achieving what I wanted for my future.
The future and the past are two different people, when the young dismisses the old, for being mature, for seeing that life is not all roses, that goals change, that things become complicated as we grow up, that we are now two different people that see life in different ways cause of the things that have nurtured us all the way.
The past and the future sure do fight with each other, the past saying plans I made back then should not change and that is the dream we would achieve to be great, to be our best self, but as we grow older into the future we notice that a lot of things that don’t matter should be dropped along the way, that something’s are more important than others, so your dreams of the past are not more important as they would be for the future.
At the end of the day all plans cancel each other out cause they are the same person, fighting to hold what they both think is important to each other.
The past and the future both same and different at the same time.

Thank you for reading.


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