One of the problem, I find reoccurring in my life is one of wanting people to accept me, to see me, to be friendly with me, to like me.
All this things I want and I wanted them badly, to the extent of me contacting my old friends to check on them, cause I know they still get me, they still like me, they still know me, but they have gone there own way, fighting their own demons, looking for there own acceptance, and looking for people to see them and I am looking like the clingy friend who can let go.
Its a scary world out there, trying to make friends, trying to be yourself, trying hard to still be yourself as you look for people to accept you and like you.
Its a long time coming not wanting that acceptance from people, that at the end of the day everyone is looking for there own acceptance from other people they think will make there life better than it is now.
It is the circle of life, a journey that I think never ends and what I can say makes it better for me is that i have come to realise that acceptance should be gotten  from the people that matter and those people will accept you for who you are and an “acceptance” from someone that does not like you and would not make life any better for you is unwanted.
It is a journey and I hope we are all taking it one step at a time.
Acceptance should be for you and you alone
But since we can’t help it but to seek the acceptance of other we should only get it from the people, that would make us better.

Thanks for reading.


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