You & I

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If time were reversed and we could go back to when we were small

Would I have still been able to love you then to when you are grown and mature

If we were born old and then to grow young and die

How would our love had been

Would you have seen me beautiful with my wrinkled face and my crooked teeth

Would it have been a more mature love then the one we had when we fall in love when we were young

Would you have loved me when no matter how we would have been there was no changing the circumstance we find ourself

Would it had been that had we grown younger we would have wanted different things and our old love would not be enough for our young heart It would be old heart and love battling with young heart and love

Or would it have been that our heart is still the same from when we were old till when we are young

Would it have been that the love we truly shared when we were old would be our one true love for one another, for when we are young we would want something else and life might have other plans

Would it have been that we would have survived this all and still be together

If time were reversed would we still be together


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