Love Yourself To The Point Of Addiction

We should be easy and good to ourselves and others. It is not easy for a person to fall in love with another person, to accept them fully without wanting anything in return for that love they have given the person, to not expecting anything in return from each other or put their happiness in the other person’s hand because you think because you love them, they should always make you happy or do anything to make you happy. You should never be that selfish to put your happiness in their hands not because they can’t make you happy but it should not be their obligation to make you happy. It is your own obligation to yourself to be happy with yourself so that they would be happy you are happy. Who does not want to see their loved ones happy.

 love to people nowadays is always a selfish act done out of necessity for the loneliness we think we would find ourselves if we are not trying to love or be the person someone should love. It should never be like that, but our mindset is that what the world proves to be norm is what is meant to be followed by everyone. We are young, we see our mate interested in each other, we follow their lead, find someone to also be interested in, thinking we are in love and how good it is, that you are not alone and you have found happiness just like they have and you can finally be said to be happy like them. he then wants to change you and since you want him to be happy, you let him thinking that he must really love you because you think he has your best interest at heart but what you are not telling yourself is that should he not love you for who you are and what you are or did he not see how you where before he approached you, so why does he want to change you, but we do not know that it should not be like that, because it is how we have always seen it done. If she had love herself before he approached her, he would not have been able to change who she was comfortable been and he would have loved the person she is.


We humans have the tendency to want to change ourselves and the people around us to the way we think, we want them to appreciate our confidence in ourselves so we can be confident, we want them to say we are beautiful so we can feel beautiful, we want them to want us so we can feel wanted. We are always looking to change and change others with us because we think we are imperfect and if we can come close to the perfection of the ones we think we love or society, then we would truly be at peace with ourselves and be able to know who we are so we can say yes, they know me, I am an honorable person, you can ask anyone around. It should not be that way, it should be the opposite of that way, it should be that we are confident because we are confident in our character, we are beautiful because you know no one looks exactly like you because you are beautiful in your uniqueness and we should want ourselves because we are in most need for ourselves. That is how it should be. we are our own happiness and no one else, we are our own love. We should love ourselves simply because we can be the only one to truly care, love, appreciate, approve ourselves to us. No one else is a good enough judge of you then you. If you can truly accept yourself for your shortcomings and your good then you can learn to love yourself.

Acceptance of yourself is the first stage to love yourself, forgiveness of yourself is the second stage and loving yourself no matter what you are as far has you have found true happiness is the last stage. It is not a months thing and already you love yourself,  no, it is a thing you have to do to the point of addiction, that you can’t just give it up. Before you know it people will wonder why such happiness from her, when it is not as if she can buy the whole world, not knowing that is the love you have for yourself that brings such happiness from you, then they start mimicking your habit to be just as happy as you without putting their happiness into your hands.

The power of self-love is the power of real love, true love and undying love.

Thanks for reading.


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