I wake up everyday
Wanting to belong to somebody
Wanting that affection I see people getting from their significant other
I wanted it so badly I would daydream about an imaginary you
I wanted it so bad I would form a whole story about an imaginary you
Oh what stories they were
Full of love that we shared, happiness we had, children we made
But they were all dreams and wishes on my part
Silly girl I was
Wasting my time in wonderland
Thinking if I wait it out, my own will come to me
My grand love will happen and I will be truly happy
What lies I tell myself
But I could not help wanting that love
Who could resist wishing they had a handsome man of their own
Who could resist wishing they had someone who will love them completely
Who could resist wishing that they could produce something special with that said person
I could not resist the temptation of my mind and my heart’s fondest wishes
I woke up one day
With nothing but blank mind
Felt pretty normal to me
But also felt empty inside
I was missing something
I was disturbed by this
I felt like I was just coming out of a comma and my memory had not fully come back
Oh I was miserable to say the least
I woke the next day
With a recollection of my dream from the day before
Of the love of my life loving me
But then what happened to me yesterday was unexplainable
Then it made me realize that I would rather be a dreamer and not get my dreams come true
Than have no dreams and be hollow inside


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