Feel love for thyself

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Explain to me what love feels like

I want to understand he said

How do I answer him, the question seem unanswerable and yet I should know how to answer everyone should but they couldn’t, because everyone simply knew.

A lot of people don’t know what love feels like because a lot of people have not received the love that they deem worthy of them. I can say I am one of them. A lot of things can hinder us of not knowing what love feels like but I later got to know that if we feel genuine love for ourselves then we do know what love feels like and we should never accept anything less than the love we feel for ourselves from anybody. It is either they live us more than ourselves or they love us equal to ourselves. The thing is love is free but we don’t give it to ourselves first, instead we decide to give all our love out and not save any for ourselves, how do you expect someone to love you when you don’t love yourself cause when we love ourself we respect, adore, take care and know ourselves. Which makes the person who want to love you freely love you instead of having reservation to love you after they have changed you to what they want because they know you have given your love to them and have none for yourself.


One of the greatest thing we can ever do for ourselves is to feel a great deal of love for ourselves no matter what we do, and you feeling love for yourself means that you should always forgive yourself whenever you do anything stupid(always remember you are never going to be above mistakes in life) so start learning to forgive yourself of your mistakes and bumps, so that you can love your potential and abilities for other things.

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Feel love for yourself, let it shine out of you, and it will attract all the good things and people into life. Feel love for yourself and you won’t know you are giving it out freely.

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Thanks for reading.

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