Chapter one


Why am I starting this blog?
Ok, so I know there are a lot of blogs out there, with different or same perspectives but I still want to start mine anyways.
I won’t bore you don’t worry, will just tell you why I am doing what I am doing and what I will be bringing to you.
I am starting this blog because I can’t be the only one in the world this feeling and struggling with the way I feel sometimes and also wanting to improve and understand myself and my potential. If my self discovery journey can help anyone along the way with the betterment of myself, then that would be my achievement for this blog. To help myself but in the process help someone else too.
The content of my blogs will contain my work and the works of people that I find beneficial to my growth. It will majorly be about how I found my potential, self-development, empowerment, love, gratitude and everything that will bring you to your full potential.

I hope you will all participate in this but my wish is that we all learn and teach ourselves something that will improve us everyday.
I hope I have not bore you already (but if you are still reading I guess you are not bored). So please if you have any questions, topic you want me to discuss, research or write about, all you have to do is contact me.
Welcome to the beginning of self discovery, importance, love, care, respect by Dayooyedeji.
Thanks for reading.


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